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Brokerage service is dedicated to medium/big size punters (from >500€ stakes).
The "VIP one is for 1000€ stakes per bet and more
For various reasons, people tends to have more and more a broker account as main bookie deal.
Why a VIP account:
* You can access up to 30+ Asian bookmakers
* You can hit biiger limits really
* you can hit in one click, automatically the best price among those 30+ bookmakers (including livebetting)
list of possible bookmakers (depending of the availability at the given moment)
All the following bookmakers are possible (SOCCER ONLY FOR NOW) to get in this case in order to get better limits, better prices, more choices etc...
sing2/crown (Singlbet)
Why a Broker account:
- To save time as a broker is taking all your bets himself and then you haven't to: 
* Login into your all bookies accounts
* Compare prices among the all bookmakers to know which one have the best price on all your bets before to take them
* Move money from one account to another i order to readjust your bankroll size
* No need to open many bookmakers accounts, we already have them.
- To have a real freedom to be able to bet from everywhere at any time

Yes some bookies have now some iphone/phone/wap services but still it takes quite long to launch them from your phone or to call them and find which one have the best price or line to your desired bet.
The broker can be reached from a Net cafe, your house, your job office, from outside, the stadium, your car (don't drive at the same time...) as almost everyone now already have some multimedia phones with a free MSN program that can be installed on it. 
You just log in your MSN account, ask your(s) bet(s) to the broker with desired league, team, AH line, stake and min price accepted eventually, and he do the job, u can go away and enjoy your free time. 
All bets will be confirmed to you in an online tool where the record of all bets, stakes, price etc will be recorded and shared with you.
- To try at max to keep the odds alive and use them in your other business

* Some people are working for some syndicates or different tipster jobs and needs to bet for themselves AND send their picks to their business partners without having the odds dropped too big after their own bets have been placed. Yes we can do that slowly and with discretion to avoid too big drops as you had when you took your bets yourself and then identified potentially as a smart punter by your bookie.
* Some other people are running paid services and the same problem happening if they take themselves their bets in their bookies accounts, odds drops and they have to skip the idea to advice some of them to their customers or will do it with less value as odds moved down already... Same thing here, our employees have the knowledge to avoid the drops at max if you ask them...
* Some people are clearly identified by their bookies as good bettors and then bookies will limits follow their bets and clearly affect the market, no other way to share or advice your bets or simply, angry that a bookie is "copying" your bets...with the broker, all bets are spread among different bookies accounts, companies and come from a broker that handle many customers, no way to be identified or tracked yourself among all others by bookmakers.
* Some big bettors are facing staking limits problems and then if they are taking the max allowed stake on their bet in one bookmaker, the price will immediately move down and they will have the choice to stop here with reduced total stake then, to take in another bookmaker with a less good price, or at the same bookmaker but with the frustration that price is already lower after their first "Hit". We can take higher stakes for your desired prices (depending how big and how many time the staking limit on this game you will need, but for sure you will get more than you could get yourself at this price)
* Some have some identity share or restriction problem and would like to bet without disclose their name, address or simply have problems to access to some bookmakers website, open accounts... The broker is the solution there too !
It is the REAL new freedom to save time and don't miss any bet !

contact us at for a personalized talk and solution.


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